Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Red Bull Rampage 2015

Here's a few pics from Red Bull Rampage, near Virgin Utah from mid-october 2015. The B+W are my Noblex, and the colour is a Horizon.
Several of these are examples of what happens when you tilt up with a swing lens: your horizon gets all bent outta shape. Whatever though, I still dig it.
pic 1: The view from near the top, rider's left ridge.
pic 2: Sender off of the end of the ridge on qualifying day. Pretty sure it's Graham Aggasiz.
pic 3: Axl Fostvedt shooting Phantom Flex of Cam Zink for Freeride Entertainment. Finals run.
pic 4: Graham Aggasiz again, but his first drop of his finals run.
pic 5: Sam Reynolds superman over the canyon gap. Didn't really nail the photo timing but it's still alright.

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