Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Slow Photography

It's been awhile and updates are coming soon.
I am currently finishing up scanning negatives from my 7500+km roadtrip in late NOV-DEC of 2011.
My process is slower than slow, but this is my hobby and not my job so I'm only updating when I'm not busy.

I was waiting to finish a few film rolls in different cameras before posting more, as I want to post my best pictures, not ALL of my pictures.
My non-film / iPhone photos from that trip are about 50% posted on Instagram. I upload 3 a day usually.
usernames : Ian Beer / Ianbeerphoto
Follow me or just come have a look. Especially if you're into hotel soaps/objects/landscapes. I know you are...

If you're interested in the videos we were shooting  this trip: www.careertrekbc.ca
I was grip/electrics/C cam/sometimes B cam/splinter cam/scripty/data manager/transfer dude. one low price.
Thanks for reading. More film uploads in the coming days......

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