Saturday, 13 August 2011

Coming soon....

Sorry it has been so long between posts. I was up near the top of the Bute Inlet, B.C. at Homathko logging camp last week. No phone service and Interwebs are slow and hard to come by up there.
Anyhow, I am currently sitting on a pile of skateboard related photos that I can't post until the release of Concrete Skateboarding's Photo Annual 2011. (released yesterday but I still haven't seen it)
If all goes as planned, I will have a couple of pages dedicated to the Horizon panoramic camera, the Lomo Spinner 360, and the Digital Harinezumi compact video / stills camera.
I will repost photos from the article here, so anyone interested can get a better look at my funny format photography.
In the meantime, here's a link to a skateboard video shot on the Digital Harinezumi, starring Mikey Klinkhamer at Hastings skatepark. Vancouver BC.

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